Hong Kong
Simple Truths

The human experience is complex to say the least. Sensory interactions combine and create emotional realizations. As conscious individuals we manipulate our lives with purpose, observing the finer points that impact the way we think, feel, and construct meaning from experience. Attention to detail is both enlightening and empowering, for it’s in knowing these simple truths that we learn more about who we are, what we like, and why.

In the case of fabrics, I asked why certain textures are more desirable than others and how we experience comfort and smoothness?  These are the first qualities one appreciates when adorning any garment, and also the most deeply personal. While fashion is an external projection viewed by others, a luxurious sense of touch provides the foundation for how we all experience the clothing we wear.

Throughout our design process, the inspiration behind Top Expert has been the pursuit of knowledge and technical expertise. One of my most prominent resources was the research of professor Xiao Liao at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I interviewed Liao in order to deepen my understanding of perception and comfort sensations. These tactile considerations played a major role in the creation of Top Expert, and each material used was custom woven to incorporate these principles. Designed with purpose, I wanted to create a technically refined collection that sets an industry standard for luxurious comfort.